Monday, February 8, 2010

Believe Dat...Superbowl Champions

The result of last night super bowl sums up the spirit of the city - New Orleans, the party, the camaraderie and strength of a people's determination and persistence to overcome.

A week before the game, many New Orleans natives began to arrive from all over the nation, to partake in what many of the foresaw as a resurrection of some sorts of their peoples. the were a people long forgotten by their brethren, a people who were told they could not overcome. They were told in many ways that they needed to move on, that hope was not that on hand, they could not resurface from the buried ashes of loss, from the neglect of "big government" that turned attention to them only for the minutes that spotlight brought along with it.

The convergence of many people on this city, brought with it a new life and opportunity for a rebirth, including change for improved brisk business.I did not understand at first why the dome was in far away Miami, but the convergence to watch the game was in New Orleans. The game will be played elsewhere, I reminded returnees and former residents of this lovely city. They were quick to suggest that the after party was in their city New Orleans. "What after party?" I chided these super optimistic natives. To which dem all replied " Who da Nation. da gone beat da Saints?" "Colt-nation", I would sometimes reply jocularly.

When the game began, I prayed silently for the Saints, but I figured the Lombardi trophy belonged to the Colts. I had friends over at my place to watch the game, about 20 persons were there to watch the game, only 4 of us thought the Colts had it. 3 in 4 people supported the Saints. I am glad they did, because we all had fun after all. I am glad my heart was with the Saints as I would have felt bad had they lost.

My wife even commented that the night was one of best evenings spent entertaining friends. I was elated to hear her tell me, my children friends were well behaved and had fun, my family friends who came to join us in the joy of the day were all happy to have been there. When the Saints trailed, they were silent, humble and at times looked subdued. I however misread their resolve when at one point I did comment that the Saints appear to be going down with honor, to which a loud shout of rejected echo around the house, "what do you mean? Saints are going to win this one for sure..Who dat?" rented the air.

That reaction thousands of miles away in my living room echoed the spirit of a people.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The day after- STOU

When I wrote the state of the union address yesterday, attempting to look into the President's speech I missed out on a few surprising points.

Before I dwell on my few missing notes, let me applaud the President for attempting to stay the course on his campaign promises. His state of the union address was more to his attempts to fix the rot in the health care system, as it was about his deal with Americans on a new way of doing business in Washington- Change we can believe in.

Now, I really missed out on his Tax cuts -Oops may be I am a card carrying member of the Republican party( which I am not), as these members of that side of the aisle failed to applaud the President for a cause they advocate. It appears to be the case of the more you look, the less the "Change" you notice. These bunch of "Old know what" don't care for the President's success and by extension that of the country. Even if that means for the next few years before the next general elections they stall any forms of progress.

This brings me to another point I missed out in my discussion yesterday, the President to me seems to be the only one in capitol hill that still hopes and expects bi-partisanship during his presidency. The writing is on the wall Mr. President, these guys don't want you to succeed, never wished for your progress and probably never will.

As to health care, is it not obvious that the wheeling dealing nature of securing just ONE vote ( that of a democrat for crying out loud) in the Senate to pass the now toxic bill, probably contributed more than anything else to the loss of the Massachusetts seat? May be that is loss on the President and his advisers- Change we can believe in, is not wheeling dealing business as usual period.

Do you need my advise Mr. President sir? Listen to Nancy Pelosi and her supporters, listen to the people who voted you into the office, who are asking for a health care bill without any new taxes. Pay attention to the noise made by the cantankerous opposition, hear that which they refuse to voice- you were elected by a majority who wanted change. Those who still largely support your claim to change, but doubt your approach. Just my two cents Mr. President.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

State of the Union address

Tonight the President will deliver his state of the union address. We all know to an extent at least, on an individual levels without excluding all persons in the US; corporations are most welcome since the Supreme court majority ruling on campaign finance reform thinks so.

On most peoples mind is job security, it is certainly on mine. While employees of these "Supreme court persons" would be reminded of the government effort aimed at keeping them in their various employments, the employers would be offered more carrots to continue to operate business as usual(finance houses). Even as talk of making them change their very nasty ways will be added. This last part would certainly be ignored.

As to the decision to "freeze" spending on discretionary spending, don't mind the politicians, that amount offered is too little to make any lasting impact on the Trillion dollars in deficit to be added upon. Also note the term "discretionary" some big jargon- that is what it is essentially. No freeze on defense spending hmmmmmmm.

Huge spending to dig us out of the hole created by a few greedy guys on Wall Street, would not make much impact for years to come we are told. Tax breaks is the incentive offered to the middle income to low income earners. I heave a sigh of relieve, only to take it back when I notice that it is just cents on the dollar.

Health care what heath care you ask? The Senate version of the bill, with all its' Cadillac taxes means hardship to the insured and more money to the insurance industry. Sometimes I wonder if the President remembered his campaign promise- it is on his website and also well documented in my book Obama First African American President- Successful Timing.

Homeland Security, forget the lousy tape release recently, many Americans feel safer and at ease today including myself than 2-3 years ago. High pass marks for the President.

I think he needs to focus on getting the people to work. I salute him and wish him well.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Haiti , me and Nigeria

There is been a lot said written and talked about as it concerned the health and well being of President Umaru Yar' Adua, as it reflects on the overall image and perception of the nation.

I think I few mistakes have been made by the handlers of information, relating to the Presidency as a whole and the country in particular. There is nothing new in a president being ill, our President will not be last to fall ill, nor is he the very first to take ill. It was important for the citizens and indeed all external friends of the country to be properly briefed and informed about President Yar"Adua's state of health. It should not be subjected to ridicule of obnoxious interpretations.

There is no myth about any human, we all can and do fall sick at one time or the other. The nature of illness, of a leader must be communicated to the citizens in the best manner so determined by the laws governing the land. At no time should any set of people or group of persons determine that they hold the sole authority over who knows what, as it concerns the well being of Nigerian President.

I also take exception to the way the President is being treated by a section of the country, particularly the southern parts, the president deserves our sympathy and prayers at this time. To the best of my knowledge, President Yar"Adua is not an open enemy of anyone, he is ill by period. If you do note have any verifiable news about his state of health do not create one.

As for those who are concern about the "vacuum" in leadership, let me make this very clear; there has never been a vacuum in the leadership. Even when the President was physically around, many of his opponent sought to dethrone him. My candid question is this who takes over if the president abdicates?

Your guess is as good as mine. I advice caution in requesting a "hand-over", clearly not a single person can adequately predict the outcome. the fever pitch with which Vice -President Jonathan Goodluck is been pushed to succeed his boos, will only bring more ill.

All said and done, the business of governance in Nigeria is more of Payment of Salaries, Ghana -must-go allocations, issuance of contracts and over-payment of contracts. i don't see which one of these that has stopped, nor do i think a "take- over by his vice would end these government activities.

What Nigeria really needs is for every change minded person(s) to truly contribute their quota by giving back to our communities. What is your take my friend?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Baaad news it is from Haiti. I must say that my heart goes out to them peoples of Haiti, that may include by very long extension myself. Since I gathered that many slaves from Nigeria were taken to this part of the world.

I don't know if that part of the story is a good news or not. I say this because, the story out of my fatherland is not the best. The general truth is that of a nation endowed by the Almighty but with absolutely no leaders. It is really a "rich" nation in poverty. You have a supposedly populous nation with smart people and almost no real progress to show. The nation reeks in darkness day after night. The streets of the country cry for love in the mist of neglect, truancy and corruption, The youth of this country are left to fend for themselves at a table vacated by selfish gluttons. Only a few of the acclaim leaders truly work for the country, mostly these selfish avaricious majority in power just carry on as if no one else exists. Pray when will we act as a sensible race?

As per Haiti, it is the poorest nation in this hemisphere wow, that must hurt. After toiling hard( their ancestors that is) to make the richest nation on earth, they are now locked away from enjoying the sweat of their own selves. What a pity. Now there is scramble to drop aid from heavens to these forsaken persons.Oops, is this how they are going to be assisted? Hm mm may be someone will wake up to realize that this small country deserves better.

i know the time has come for more than just sympathy, it it time for action. count me in.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Republicans She'll be back Nov 17th 2009 From Sarah Palin and the state of the Republican Party

I hope Americans spare themselves the humiliation of a Palin ride again.
It is high time the press celebrates achievement and intelligence, I dare say.
As i mentioned in my book, McCain's choice of Ms Palin horrified most right thinking people.It is time to let her rest.
You can read more about her in my book @

Friday, November 6, 2009

Is Israel too strong for Barack Obama?

Below is my response to an article titled above, as appeared on The Economist dated November 5th 2009.

It is very interesting to note that,Americans still think they can act as unbiased arbitrators. The lopsidedness of lobby towards the state of Israel is glaring. Also, as I pointed out in my recently published book, Barack Obama never made secret his love for the state of Israel, the Jews and his readiness to prevent " a theological Islamic " state of Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.
Evidently, most elected politicians are pro- Israel and by extension, anti- Palestine state. It does not make for much, expecting the birth of a baby elephant by a rat ( African Proverb).
To ask for a one state solution, does not seem to me like a new thing. A number of Arab leaders had suggested this long time. A notable personality is Muammar Gaddafi of Libya.

I don't know how that would work. But something inside of me, tells me the Israelis would not like that idea. The suffering of the Palestinians is a concern of every peace loving human.If Israel fails to seize this opportunity to be the architects of peace, they may eventually regret the onslaught of the opposite.